What people say about us

Here are a few comments left by people who have been on our programmes before. 

I´m sure that more than me gladly would have stayed for longer. We have started planning how we will continue to work together, and some exchange of knowledge between the municipalities started already on the first train.

Me myself are so inspired, and I know that this will influence booth my private involvement and my work. Thank you so much for your hospitality and for making the journey so rewarding.

the feedback was tremendous. I am really really excited. *hug* so happy to have been in your workshop that day. “

A huge thank you for your engagement in our time in Totnes. It was very inspiring and rewarding for us to see your work. Thank you for you excellent guiding into the core of transition. I was especially impressed by the inclusiveness and the tolerance, as you showed the movement to us. We had a very good workshop with Inez, and again, I appreciate the nonjudgmental approach. Let’s keep in contact and see if something can evolve. “

more than exceeded our expectations”

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful programme that you put together for us last Thursday. It was brilliantly hosted and very intelligently designed, easily the best day out we have had this academic year. I hope we can work together again soon as there is so much to explore in the transition movement and beyond.”

Thanks so much for everything. It was truly a wonderful experience.”

I felt that the Transition tour which a few of us did was extremely interesting and a great way to learn how people are putting ideas into practice in the field of sustainability. It complemented our week’s activities at Schumacher very well, taking us into the ‘real’ world and seeing community level action.”

Thanks for an inspirational talk Hal! The feedback from the girls was excellent. Thanks again, and I hope you liked the lunch!

Many thanks again to you and all concerned for a really interesting, well structured and thought provoking visit yesterday. I think we all found what you are doing very inspiring and will feed this back to the strategy and policy teams concerned. And also  … for lunch – which was really delicious.”   Department of Energy and Climate Change

Thank you very much for planning such a great visit last week! Personally, the Transition movement and Totnes in particular, has been the high point of the week, showing that change is possible and that it works! I have to say that it gave me tons of inspiration, and positivity towards the great challenges that we are facing!”

I am writing this to show our appreciation for your wonderful hosting last week. The Korean delegates had spent additional two days after they had left Totnes and all of them went back to Seoul safely. We’ve circulated our assessment form to them and gathered their opinion on the 9 day training program. Totnes was voted as the best visit out of around 20 different places where they visited in UK. Thank you so much again for introducing inspiring projects to us.”

Thank you for taking the time and effort to meet us and be sure – we are all inspired to go on with our work wwether in the local communities, the municipal organization or the Ministry! Good luck with your work!”

we were all so impressed by your tour… We are very enthusiastic. You really gave us a very good idea of what Transition Town means and how to make a difference. You inspired us.   Jo stole my heart for inviting us into her home and her enthusiasm for Transition Together. Thank you very much and I wish you the best”

Many thanks again for all your hard work with the organisation and transport; it was brilliant and everyone really enjoyed this weekend!

The time in totnes was great for all of us, and a really inspiring time. I think we will definitely spread the ideas we learned about this year quite far!”

thank you very much for your organization, your kindness and all the things you told us about. That was very interesting! That was not easy to do with the translation, since everything was longer than you are used to, I reckon. Thanks for your patience. I thank as well all the people we met, for their precise explanations, and for the time they gave to us … That was great that the projects were presented by the people really involved in! … Thanks for the food too! Who says one doesn’t eat very well in England?? 😉 That was delicious. … Once more Thanks very much, and maybe see you one next time!”

I wanted to thank you very much for your being with us during our tour in Totnes. All what we saw was very interesting; the capability of TTT to involve citizens is amazing! We were very surprised by the number of people present for the ATMOS meeting, and with the number of people engaged in a transition project.”

I felt the tour and visits you all arranged was superb and there was no room for improvement.. a perfectly levelled pitch for such a group.”

Great afternoon for us all. Even in the limited time we had, [your] infectious enthusiasm and intelligence ensured stimulating, thought provoking discussion and a visit to some great examples of positive action”

thank you for delivering such an inspirational talk (and follow up) to our students.  Inspirational and stunning.  I look forward to our deeper contacts.”

I was feeling negative about things before, and now I see a new perspective and I am happy and excited.”

You have a gift to visualise and make understandable sophisticated ideas.”

Thank You, Hal, for introducing us to idea of Transition in such a friendly and smart way…”

After talking to other students in other programs, it is clear that we had the best study tour.  Thanks for that!”

Demonstrates in practice what it means to work with your head, your heart and your hands”

The Transition Tour has really stayed with me as one of the most significant experiences during my four months abroad. It was by far the most interesting study tour that I participated in and I have integrated my experience in Totnes into my educational studies back home.”

The group is really tight and works well together. I think they feel that they have experienced something important.  As for myself I am very inspired. I keep reading a lot about Transition or any connected subjects to be able to convey the ideas in a good way.”

I find experiential learning to be the best way to truly understand a new concept or idea – so actually witnessing some of the projects and hearing from people who were involved first hand was a major benefit.”

I think one of the reasons it has impacted me is because I found that it was a very positive, successful example of shifting mindsets and lifestyles – which was inspirational as many times in Environmental Science there can be more hardship and difficulties than successes.”

We often talk about ways to inspire a paradigm shift or societal shift in the way we live and to me, Transition Towns have been the most successful attempt at initiating this change.”

The students are back in harness, ie their ordinary lessons. They are a really tight group now, so all the members of staff say. And the romanticizing has begun just as you said.  Anyway, we are very pleased with the “Engage in Transition” programme…”

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for the incredible program you provided last week. We began class presentations this morning, and students provided some great feedback and analysis on the programs we visited in Devon. The few days we spent in Devon were absolutely incredible, and we have only you to thank for that!  We hope that we will be able to continue visiting Devon with new groups of sustainability students…we will be having our next group in the UK at the beginning on March!”

I just have to send you a mail telling you that I have gotten so inspired from my visit with you all. I have checked out our network in Sweden, blogged about transition and also written a chronicle for our local paper already since I came home yesterday evening.”









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