Transition – the story

Over the past few years Transition has become an international, grassroots, cultural movement.

Through Transition, communities come together to develop their resilience and create locally-based, low-carbon solutions to address the ‘triple challenge’ of climate change, peak oil and economic instability.  It all sort of started here in Totnes.


Futurebound, as part of the Transition movement, aims to provide new and effective ways for people to access Transition, with priority focus on ‘key change-makers’ and ‘young people of any circumstance’.


A (very) brief history

Pursuing an idea he developed with his students in Kinsale, Ireland, permaculture teacher Rob Hopkins met with others in the town of Totnes when he returned with his family to England.  Things soon gathered momentum and in 2006 Transition Town Totnes was launched.


TTT launched an experimental ‘complementary currency’, the Totnes Pound, and unwittingly became a national media story

Many projects were quickly underway through the Transition Town Totnes initiative –  over 40 projects in the first three and half years. These clustered around themes such as food, building and housing, transport, education and business and livelihoods.  Many continue as grassroots volunteer projects enabling people to grow their own food, learn new skills and connect with their community in different ways.  Others are now becoming community-scale social enterprises (like ours!) and ambitious, multi-stakeholder regeneration projects.  All these activities together give a very real flavour of what a new kind of local economy might look and feel like.



There are over 300 Transition Initiatives in the UK and Transition is now active in over 33 countries around the world, supported by the Transition Network.


Some useful Transition links:

Transition Network – learn all about it and find your nearest Transition Initiative

REconomy Project – an online toolkit for relocalising your economy

Transition Town Totnes – the first Transition Town – that’s us!

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