The River Dark or the River Smart?  Notre choix?

The River Dark or the River Smart? Notre choix?

A wonderful email accompanying the above email received today from a French Lycee who came and visited us in April this year (2015).  I leave it uncorrected for authenticity.   Looks like they really got our ‘Source to Sea’ narrative and understood how it applies equally to where they come from.  And also the need and possibility for a better way forwards. Love the Bernard Maris quote it ends with too – although we suspect that is the teacher’s personal addition…


As you remember it, a group of students came to Totnes and in devon to study “sustainable development and alternative ways”. With your help and with your nice welcome, they succeded to make a great analyse of yours “ways of life”.

They join me in order to tell you a lot of thanks, and they purpose you to keep their “communication support” for the french restitution of their labour. You will have it in jointed picture.

It represents two ways of development : the actually one, woth petrol problem, pollution, exit, globalization,… It is in Devon, but it could be everymwhere, unfortunatly.

And we have represented a second way of development, you way of development, ant we decided to represent yours projects in order to talk about you.

We hope you will be happy to have this memory.

I hope we willl be able to see you again, because I think we will come back in Devon yet.

Sorry fot my english, i don’t practice it as long as i should.

Tony Demeurant

Economics teacher


Fontenay le Comte


“Non seulement les adversaires de la croissance ne sont pas les ennemis du développement, mais ils sont sans doute les meilleurs défenseurs de la civilisation, l’autre nom du développement.”

Bernard Maris, Antimanuel d’économie. Assassiné avec Charlie.

“Not only are opponents of growth not the enemies of development, but they are probably the best defenders of civilization, the other name of development.”

Bernard Maris, Antimanuel economy. Murdered with Charlie.


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