Sense and Sustainability

Here’s your chance to experience one of our programmes as an American sustainability undergraduate student.   The following takes you to a student blog we have just found on the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) website.


Of all our favourite clients (they all are!), DIS might just be our favourite.  They offer enlightened, semester-long sustainability courses that include a study tour to Totnes which we deliver for them twice a year.  They are always super bright, super motivated and open-minded. We pack a lot into a few days and we really go somewhere.





Megan’s piece starts as follows…



We were greeted in Totnes by our new mentors and Bob the Bus (the town bus of Totnes.)  After piling our luggage into the bus we started the journey towards a magical place called Sharpham Estate.  Our accommodations had been listed in our programs all week for us to see so we knew it was called an “estate.”  However, we were never expecting to step right into a Jane Austen novel.  After bumping along the narrow roads for fifteen minutes, completely unsuspecting, we pulled up to a three-story stone mansion overlooking rolling hills, a vineyard, and the River Dart.  I was half expecting Mr. Darcy to step out of the doors and greet us.



With mouths gaping open, we were led from the bus into a large foyer with a ceiling that extended all the way to the top of the building.  A staircase wound up the walls to the next two levels.  We were assigned to our rooms by a friendly English woman and my roommate and I made the climb up to our private suite complete with a view of the river and our own bathroom.  If I remember correctly, jumping and squealing with excitement was definitely involved.  Back downstairs, we were led to the kitchen where an endless supply of tea and biscuits was laid out for us.



Yup. We were in heaven.”

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