On The Nature Train

On The Nature Train

Nature Train 2 – Leonardo da Vinci Life-long Learning Mobility Program, 2015

Gyongybagoly sounds like a complicated word. Less so when you realise it is Hungarian.  They are a group of conservationists, scientists, rangers and wardens who visited earlier this year as part of on one of the EU’s Leonardo da Vinci Life-long Learning Mobility Programmes, hosted by Ambios at Sharpham, just down the river.  On Saturday the came to Totnes and we showed them what we’re all about.  They seemed to like it.

We genuinely enjoyed the transition walk in Totnes, so thank you for it once again in the name of the group.
If you have a look at DAY No4 in this blog you can read a brief entry about that very day:

Hal was explaining how the transition group negotiated with the Local Decision Makers in Totnes, and how seriously they rephrased the terms of economy, growth and development, I very much wanted him to come to Hungary to share all these great achievements. His speech made me devoted to find some ways to make it happen!

It would be great to see you Hal here in Hungary once to spread the word!

Thanks a lot!

Akos and the Group

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