Leadership for Resiliency

“I was feeling negative about things before, and now I see a new perspective and I am happy and excited.”

A powerful personal development experience that embraces the future with optimism, creativity and excitement is at the heart of what we do.   We nurture an understanding of resilience and the leadership to deliver it.  We help people develop the skills and awareness to be positive, responsive, conscious, caring, empowered, active, forward looking and successful in a changing world.

You can expect to be challenged physically, intellectually and culturally.  We’ll be asking some big questions and  explore things in ways you don’t at home, at work, at school or with your friends.

We believe that organisations, communities and entire cultures that fail to respond to the call to build resilience into their systems and their teams will not be able to cope with the new challenges of our increasingly changing world.

We help people look bravely at the future and get excited about it; empowered and proactive to build the kind of future they want.

Our programmes are grounded in the real, personal and practical goings-on of the local community.  Learning is experiential and participative, embedded by connection with nature and inspiring site visits.  You will explore what it takes to be able to adapt to future challenges, using real life case studies of resilience-thinking in action.

Learning from our elder

Just a great place to be!

This all combines to into a powerful transformational learning that unlocks new thinking, inspires new ways of doing, instils a positive, can-do mentality, and enables people to realise their potential.  It fosters leadership suited to our changing world; collaborative and being alive and responsive to change.

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