Language, Culture, Citizenship

Language, Culture, Citizenship

“I cannot thank you enough for a the wonderful programme that you put together for us. It was brilliantly hosted and very intelligently designed, easily the best day out we have had this academic year.“  South Devon College

Looking for a profound cultural experience?


Engagement and immersion

Our carefully designed and facilitated programmes engage  deeply.  Through a range of activities, you or your students engage in active citizenship, improve English language abilities, develop life skills and grow personally. You develop whole new perspectives on issues around sustainability, community and being a global citizen, and you’ll learn loads about British culture too.

Grounded in the real, personal and practical goings-on of our local community, our programmes are highly participatory, as students connect with real, live case studies to apply and develop their English language skills and expand their cultural awareness and international mind-set.   And its lots of fun too – in case that wasn’t obvious already!

What might you expect your students to get from their time with us?

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    • Improved English language
    • Greater understanding of the UK, England and the Westcountry in particular
    • Empowered, inspired and resilient – a personal development experience that has inspired them to be more proactive, and developed some skills to be so
    • Transferable life skills – social, interpersonal and practical, professional competencies


    • International citizen mindset – an understanding and awareness of global, environmental and social issues, and new friends from other countries
    • Local awareness – understanding how practical, local actions make a difference
    • An understanding of Transition – why and how it works, with a particular focus on Transition Town Totnes (TTT), the world’s first Transition Town


  • Inspiration from a range of pioneering projects and businesses
  • New ways to consider their own relationship with place and time
  • A renewed interest in their homeland with some new ways to appreciate it and be active
  • A fun and enjoyable time in a historical and beautiful part of England

How does it work?

Inez DIS Max Neef Oct 11We stimulate curiosity and create valuable opportunities for students to appreciate and celebrate the world, to explore what is really important to them, to understand better the changes that are going on, and to develop ways they can proactively engage.  This all combines to contribute significantly to their life journey of discovering their place in the world.

We make the most of the fantastic history, architecture, countryside, food and culture that makes our part of England so special and popular with visitors.

IMG_0891Students develop a deep sense of place and time and lots of happy, positive memories which means their learning stays with them long into their life.  They also gain a general knowledge of the UK and the Westcountry in particular, which will give greater meaning to the rest of their time in UK and for future international relationships.

We incorporate Transition and sustainability into the whole experience, from the food we eat to the way we get around.   We also embrace the spirit in which Transition activity is generally undertaken – fun, lively, participatory, and with a deep sense of purpose.  We instill a ‘can-do’ culture within the group that will remain with the students whatever they may go on to do in life.

This is global, transformational learning – delivered on a local scale.

How is it organised?

Earth Inheritors workshop, Dreisemtal 2012 3We work well with a variety of language schools from across southwest England and Europe, and we have a particularly close relationship with our local language school in Totnes.  We also have some independent English language teachers in our associate network who we have selected for their creative style and ability to complement the themes and activities that we work with.  

This gives us a range of options to develop a programme that is best suited to your group:

1. Culture and Citizenship +

IMG_1849A comprehensive, experience-based programme that does not include any classes or timetabled time for formal language education.

  • Ideal for UK groups, and groups with good to excellent levels of English ability and who really just need to improve their fluency by practising it in Britain.
  • Allows more time for us to go into greater depth in the core topics and subject areas.

2. Totnes School of English +

DSC00403.JPGWe’ll book you in to our local language school and you join their classes, normally for half a day, and we will deliver activities for the other half of the day and at weekends.

  • Ideal for groups of mixed language abilities who will benefit from being split across different classes.
  • Gives your students opportunities to make other friends in the significant international community that exists around the school.
  • You can also access the school’s home stay scheme where students can stay with local families.

3. ‘Our Story’ Learning

outdoor sessionWe provide the language education and the activities. Our associate language teachers are very experienced teachers and teacher-trainers with a speciality in using drama and story-telling to develop language skills and engage with the big issues that are important to young people growing up in today’s changing world.

  • Ideal for groups of similar language ability and for groups who learn better outside of the conventional classroom.
  • For older groups we can offer private home-stay arrangements but these are slightly more expensive than with the language school (see above).
  • Our capacity here can be quite limited due to the availability and demand for the teachers.

4. Bring Your Own

Sheila Dreisemtal with canoesYou come with your own teachers and run your own classes at a venue in the local area. We provide activities to support your programme ranging from guest speakers and workshop activities to join your classes, to site visits and outdoor adventure.

  • Ideal for international language schools wishing to create a temporary, ‘pop-up’ language school in England.
  • We can advise on possible venues – which are limited round here so booking in advance is highly recommended


People we have worked with and for:

Babylonia Language Consulting, Italy

British Foreign Commonwealth Office, Papua Indonesia, with the Universities of Oxford and Exeter

Freieschule Dreisamtal, Germany

Hallsberg and Lekeberg Schools, Sweden

Lunnevads Folkhogskola, Sweden

Santa Coloma de Queralt High School and Transition Town, Catalonia

Totnes School of English

SKKU University, South Korea

South Devon College

Sparrow School

Zeal Educational Tours and Trips, Argentina



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