Localisers INTERN+

Localisers INTERN+

“Thanks for everything. It was an amazing and inspiring experience. Lots to work with and think about … in my future”

Looking for business experience in the UK with a real purpose?  Check out our Localisers INTERN+ programme.

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  • You’ll get practical training from people with business experience in the UK and USA.
  • You’ll develop your English language abilities through real work placements.
  • You’ll connect with an international community of peers and colleagues on the same kind of life journey as you are on.
  • You’ll head off on mini-adventures into fine countryside and inspiring landscapes.
  • You’ll learn about British history and culture.
  • You’ll be able to to take optional advanced English classes in our local, highly-rated Language School.

So what is so unique about this compared to other programmes?

  • IMG_6984The practical training will give you skills to build strong local economies in the communities that you come from and that are most important to you.  You’ll gain the awareness, skills and leadership that you will need to inspire and lead new economic change, be it at a practical local level or by influencing new policy development, or both.  You’ll develop practical, solution orientated tools to unleash your entrepreneurial intuition and realise your potential.
  • IMG_2353 copyYour work placement will involve a real project with an organisation or business that is taking localisation seriously.
  • The international community you will join is part of a global movement of delivering sustainability at a local level.  You’ll leave connected to an international network to draw from and share ideas with helping you keep momentum once you get home. You will work together with others, learning team skills on real tasks.


  • Your mini-adventures in the countryside will help you consider and deepen your relationship with nature and your place in time. You will embolden your personal resilience and strengthen your motivation for seeing change in the world.
  • You’ll not only learn about British history and culture but you’ll become part of it. While you are here you can become an active member of Transition Town Totnes and you’ll engage in this time of great change or Transition, as communities find their feet in leading the process of sustainable development.

IMG_5910You will come away with a rare and increasingly sought after set of skills and competencies that will place you at the heart of a new wave of economic development.   In the age of austerity, climate change and other sustainability challenges, solutions are coming from citizens organising as communities, and business models are becoming more dispersed.  This is a time that calls on a  new type of leadership and innovation. One that operates at a local level.  This programme aims to catalyse young emerging leaders so they go on to realise their potential in this new and exciting sphere.

That is why we call our INTERN+ programme ‘Localisers

Who are you?


Is this programme for you?  If you are reading this far, it probably is. Here’s a quick checklist of the type of people we are looking for.

High potential – You need to be a high calibre graduate or similar.

Self-motivated – you will need to be organised and self motivated, and confident in managing your own time in a foreign country.

Looking around – you need to be open-minded, concerned for the future and up for exploring alternatives.

Committed to your community and country – you want to learn skills so you can go back home IMG_2351and be an asset to your community, develop a livelihood there and support others in doing so.

Conversant in English – you need to have upper medium to advanced English language levels.  We can help you enrol in our local language school if you want to study here before the programme.

Self-funded – we do not currently have external funding for this programme but we are aware of funding that exists for individuals in many EU countries.  You will need to be able to pay your way or find sponsorship at home.  On the INTERN + programme this includes your accommodation costs.

How does it work?

There are two options for engagement:

1. Localisers – 2 week intensive


We stay together as a team throughout this two-week intensive programme which starts and ends in Totnes, and includes time out ‘on expedition’.  The project focus is one local project specific to the Totnes area that we all work on together, and a project from home that each of us brings to explore and develop some practical steps to work towards when we go home.


DSC00097We kick off with the Localisers – 2 week intensive programme before setting off on our work placements.  These placements are real projects within organisations or businesses that are taking localisation seriously.   While most of the work placements will be individual placements, we will come together regularly as a team to share stories, brainstorm ideas and create solutions together.  We will also come together regularly as a group for one or two-day ‘Focus Camps‘ that will look at specific components of localisation in detail.
The Focus Camps are run in partnership with the Reconomy Centre in Totnes.  The Focus Camps will include topics such as:

  • Building and Housing: new models for enabling housing and development of our built environment.  We will look at the Community Land Trust and Community Right to Build in the UK and explore what similar IMG_4621models exist elsewhere in the EU.
  • Engaging people and community leadership
  • Starting projects and community scale businesses
  • Community scale renewable energy schemes
  • Local food initiatives
  • Fostering a culture of local entrepreneurship and investment
  • Local political systems, such as localism in the UK, and the interface with the EU

IMG_4367You will find a friendly welcome in Totnes Town and soon become quite at home here.  You are encouraged to join in the activities organised by Transition Town Totnes and you will, no doubt, find good friends and possible future colleagues in the significant international community that exists around the language school and nearby Schumacher College.

Totnes Town

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