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GeogTTT LOGO 2014 v1 We have teamed up with geography teacher Andy Schindler of Outdoor Learning for Schools, to develop quality resources and activities that will meet the needs of GCSE, AS, A Level Geography, delivered in the Futurebound style of focussing on the personal development of the students and getting them excited about their future.  It draws on the story of Transition Town Totnes which catalysed a global movement has caught the attention of many, including TV celeb geographer, Nicholas Crane.

A Saxon river town in South Devon, Totnes is one of the UK’s oldest towns. It has seen tough times through its long history, but adversity has taught it to innovate.  Geographer and adventurer (and TV presenter) Nicholas Crane visits the home of one of the greatest social experiments of the 20th century, and uncovers the test bed for an ambitious new idea that aims to change our urban life forever.” from when BBC Town Series came to Totnes.

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Outdoor Learning for…

…. Transition Town Totnes


Totnes Sus Cons refurb Dn village hall 2012Transition Town Totnes, as the name suggests, is a very dynamic town set within the beautiful, rolling hills of Devon, on the magnificent River Dart, equidistant from Exeter and Plymouth and only a short drive from one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the UK. It has received world recognition due to its innovative approaches to coping with the pressures of today – climate change, fuel shortages, economic instability and population growth and its proactive approach to tackling them. Whilst expectations maybe high, Totnes’ fundamental principles lie with the theme of sustainability and so approaches are often subtle, gentle and un-intrusive but for here the long-term. There are opportunities abound to tackle both physical and human aspects of a Geography course, offering practical skills and data collection techniques to link with core themes.

What we can offer:

5. Ticklemore cheeseWe offer day courses and residential experiences spanning a range of themes in the local area. We can provide staff and facilities to investigate the following fieldwork areas:

  • Sustainability and Economic change within the South Hams District of Devon (Totnes focus)
  • Urban development and land-use change (in either Exeter or Plymouth)
  • River dynamics and management on the River Harbourne (a tributary of the River Dart)
  • Coastal Geomorphology, processes and management (numerous South Devon locations)
  • Coastal change and resort development in Torbay
  • Dartmoor granite landscapes, tourism and management

Each of the above can be investigated at a range of levels and for whatever time suits your needs.

Skills students will gain:

We’ll provide good foundations for students to:

  • work independently
  • select and define a problem or question for research
  • apply understanding, methodologies and philosophies
  • design an effective way of investigating a research topic
  • review existing literature/research of relevance to the chosen topic
  • collect relevant evidence from appropriate sources
  • apply qualitative, quantitative and computing methods to analyse data
  • interpret findings perceptively
  • present a well-reasoned argument
  • write a research project fluently and succinctly
  • prepare and use good quality imagery where appropriate
  • cite sources systematically within normal academic conventions

Planning ahead?

IMG_2233 We are getting ready for the curriculum changes in 2016.   We will be well placed to pursue the following topics:

  • Water and Carbon
  • Landscapes
  • Global governance
  • Changes in place – in which Transition will fit as our core offering; the others would be synoptic extras.

Staff team

Our geography programmes are designed and delivered by Andy Schindler, geography teacher at Teignmouth Community School and founder of Outdoor Learning for Schools, supported by Hal Gillmore, Director of Futurebound and Associate Lecturer in Sustainable Development at Bicton College.  

Where you can stay

PA060911 Accommodation can be provided in a bunk house in town or on a campsite nearby, run by local youth initiative, The Living Projects, who we have been mentoring.

Base camp

In both cases we can set up our ‘Basecamp’ for outdoor group catering, teaching, lab work, and creative play as needed.  This gives an adventurous and creative edge to the experience, keeping the students outdoors and responsible for the much of the organisation of their trip.

Places you will visit:

link to GIS key sites.


Canoe trips

Local Economics made real

Gaia theory on Dartmoor

Riverford Organics

See places we visit on our other programmes.    If you wold like to include any of these, please let us know.


Past clients and partners:

Dartmouth Academy

Field Studies Centre, Slapton Ley

Teignmouth Community College

Torquay Boys Grammar School

Torquay Girls Grammar School

University of Bangor, Geography Department

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