Economics and Political Sciences

Economics and Political Sciences

“This was a magnificent experience and one that I will try to share as I am able. ”  MA Student, London School of Economics (LSE)  “Thank you again for giving us a wonderful example in a community that is acting and changing..”

Ever wondered if there was more to it than that, when it comes to economics?

REconomy Caen 2012

So much focus in the study and development of economics looks through the macro – national and international  – lens.   The role local economies play is often neglected.  Things can look quite different from down here!

This is changing though.  There is a growing interest in local economics and the potential that lies at the local level for economic regeneration, particularly when sustainable development is the aim.  Where better, or where else, to study this than at the heart of an area recognised as a leading light in the localisation movement?  That’s where we are.

Taiwan Future Leaders NCCU AMBA FLT Group 1 2011We have a complex but inspiring scene of traditional, dispersed businesses and farms, progressive new thinking in economics, and a die-hard, DIY attitude emboldened with practical, solution-based activism and entrepreneurship.   Its a fascinating blend of the conservative and the progressive that gel around the values that underpin a more connected, community-scale way of life.

We’ll connect you with groundbreaking research that shines the light on the potential for building stronger economies from the local level.


You’ll discover projects that are piloting new models of community-led development, test-casing new government policies, and shifting the local culture; creating new understandings of what it is to be an investor and an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs will show you their innovative projects that address global challenges

You will ask yourselves ‘what is the economy actualty for?’  and ‘what do we really need to thrive?’

DIS Max Neef Oct 11We have a range of activities to bring the theory that sits behind this work alive with different groups.

No more shall economics be ‘the dismal science’  – spend a bit of time with us and you’ll see how exciting it can be.

And, as so much revolves around food, you can be sure of a delicious experience.

“Something remarkable is happening in Totnes. Something that is starting to be noticed elsewhere, something that’s a vitally needed story in communities up and down the country.”   Greg Barker MP, former Minister for Communities and Local Government.


18. Vision


Renewable Energy - Local Economic Blueprint 2012/13

Retrofit - Local Economic Blueprint 2012/13



Totnes Town


Clients include:

Ashridge Business School

Exeter Business School

London School for Economics (LSE)

Oxford University with the Commonwealth Office

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