Canoe Adventures that Really Go Somewhere

Canoe Adventures that Really Go Somewhere

“Everyone must believe in something. I believe I’ll go canoeing.”  Henry David Thoreau

 Add adventure, fun and a wonderful connection with nature  to your experience. 

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Our partnership with Canoe Adventures means we can take to the water in big, safe and sturdy canoes.  These 8-12 seater canoes are built here on the River Dart and are equally great fun for beginners and hardcore expeditioners alike.

Let your students learn in the way they really love doing. With fun, adventure, fire, physical workout, storytelling, natural beauty and, at low tide, a bit of mud as well!  This is the bit they’ll all be talking about for a long time afterwards.


Each canoe comes with an experienced steersman.  The Canoe Adventures teams of steersman is made of people who have grown up living and working on the river all their life and people with significant experience developing educational packages for students at all levels.

Listening to stories of the past and physically interacting with the river of today with its tides, wildlife, weather and maritime traffic, students learn as they connect with nature, geography and history.


This is a very special combination that gives a unique, fun, no-nonsense picture of what life is like on the river, how it has changed over time, and an important exploration about what the future may hold.

Great fun, relevant to studies and, most of all, memorable, meaning learning is effective and long lasting.

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