Team & Strategy Development – Away-days and Intensives

Team & Strategy Development – Away-days and Intensives

 “Many thanks again to you and all concerned for a really interesting, well structured and thought provoking visit. I think we all found what you are doing very inspiring and will feed this back to the strategy and policy teams concerned.” Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK Government.

Are you working in a busy cycle of planning and doing?   Maybe it is time to pop up for some air, take a look around and treat yourselves… and then dream about what is possible – what could be – and see how you can make those dreams come true.

DSC00082.JPGIf your work place is a busy culture of planning and doing, it won’t be the only one.  Our away-days and overnight programmes answer the call we hear again and again to give teams an essential break – a chance to think, dream and celebrate in ways that just don’t happen at work.  Such moments are critical for teams to be effective and high performing, and for staff to be happy, fully engaged people, together enabling their organisations to fully realise their purpose and potential.

With Futurebound you’ll have a really special time, taking a few steps back, celebrating, dreaming and then reengaging with the planning and doing with fresh energy and new perspectives.  You’ll be a closer team and a reinvigorated organisation.

Dragon Dreaming

We work with the Dragon Dreaming (‘How to run outrageously successful projects’ ) model, as a fun, purposeful way to look at your team and your projects with new eyes.   In Britain and most of Europe we spend the bulk of our time planning and doing, neglecting the equally important opportunities to celebrate and to dream.   With Futurebound you’ll get the chance to redress this balance.

France Caen 2012 T StreetsWe engage a range of activities from indulging in fine local food, inspiring site visits, new perspectives from some surprising places, getting out into the fine Devon countryside, and a unique chance to tap into a very special local culture of tackling global problems with local solutions, and by operating in line with one’s values and principles.

 “the tour and visits you all arranged was superb and there was no room for improvement.. a perfectly levelled pitch for such a group … overall they were blown over by you…”   

Inspiring catalysts for fresh perspectives, strategy and leadership.

REconomy Caen 2012

We provide an inspirational boost to teams and organisations, helping to:

  • catalyse new, critical thinking,
  • generate new ideas
  • engage your people with a positive vision of the future, and
  • instil a ‘can-do’ attitude and group culture

Isn’t there more to it than that? aka ‘what’s your agenda?’

IMG_5858We’re not shy to challenge assumptions and ask ‘why?’.  At the heart of every thing we do is a process of challenging, connecting, informing and inspiring.

We’re about developing an understanding of resilience and the leadership to deliver it.  We believe that organisations (and cultures and communities) that fail to respond to the call to build resilience into their systems and their teams will not be able to cope with the new challenges of our increasingly changing world.

DSC00038We help people look bravely at the future and get excited about it; empowered and proactive to build the kind of future they want.

You will explore what it takes to be able to adapt to future challenges, using real life case studies of resilience-thinking in action.


“Great afternoon for us all. Even in the limited time we had, [your] infectious enthusiasm and intelligence ensured stimulating, thought provoking discussion and a visit to some great examples of positive action”

IMG_8461Still not convinced?  Sustainability is now demanded of all industry sectors, and engaging communities is a growing requirement.  With little precedence to learn from, the Transition story you’ll connect with provides an inspiring little story and a springboard for ideas and actions. From resilience thinking in our little town of Totnes, a global movement has emerged.


 “we were all so impressed by your tour… We are very enthusiastic. You really gave us a very good idea of … how to make a difference. You inspired us.   Jo stole my heart for inviting us into her home and her enthusiasm … Thank you very much and I wish you the best”

Clients include:

PAEA 2008.JPG3KQ, Consultancy specialising in facilitation and stakeholder engagement.

British Foreign Commonwealth Office, Papua Indonesia, with the Universities of Oxford and Exeter

Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Department of Energy and Climate Change (UK National Government)

Government of Chungcheongnam-do Province, Republic of Korea

Green Office Gardens, Netherlands

PA013810Korean Business delegation, in partnership with Friends of the Earth Korea

Meshworking, EU

Network for Social Change

Pays du Bessin au Virois, France, (a collective of local government officials and researchers) via our Vire Town Twinning programme

Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.

Something for Good, international networking and exchange of social innovators mainly between Asia and Europe.

Transition Sweden, A group of independent garden business owners

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