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LEADER Project: Future Forum, Sweden, 16-18 Oct 2013


In October we hosted a wonderful group of people from a rural part of Sweden.  Actually they were from Astrid Lindgrens’ home town and their project bore her name.


Who were they?

They were a group made up of officers, department heads and one politician from three different Swedish, rural municipalities, and staff from their regional LEADER (EU) funded programme, Leader Astrid Lindgrens Hembygd.

They were on a research mission, gathering ideas for their next LEADER Project application next year.  Their job desctriptions are given below.

Read on to learn more about what they got from it and why they came, interspersed with some pictures of some gifts they left us.



“I´m sure that more than me gladly had stayed for longer. We have started planning how we will continue work together, and some exchange of knowledge between the municipality’s started already on the first train.

Me myself are so inspired, and I know that this will influence booth my private involvement and my work. Thank you so much for your hospitality and for making the journey so rewarding.”   The group organiser, a couple of days after getting home.

In our final session together, these are some of the things they said they’ll be taking home with them and doing when they get back:

  • Feels like I have been struck by lightening!
  • Strong network between and within their respective municipalities.
  • Great team and good contacts.
  • Will be planting edible trees across municipality from now on.
  • To include Transition Streets in the project plan for their next LEADER funding
  • Ideas for green treatment project
  • Really inspired  – to start garden and to plan edible trees
  • Commitment to meet again as a team
  • Much stronger sense of global perspective and local perspective and how they can work together.
  • Transition is just a brilliant model for social economic and environmental regeneration?  It should be taken to Iraq (where this person has worked). But maybe not by the British!
  • REconomy analysis – to include Economic Blueprint methodology into his resilience assessment analysis for municipality
  • To continue to ride bike to work as a way to change the world!  (Referenced to Ken Wilbur model)


Aims and ambitions:

At our breakfast meeting on the first full day, this is what they said they wanted to get from their time here.

Projekt manager – sustainability project run by Leader Astrid Lindgrens Hembygd.

  • Professional interest and personal interests
  • Ideas for sustainability project management; ‘Future Forum’ 1 year left to run, and ‘Future week’ project with companies exploring ‘energy’ theme
  • Extend network of people doing interesting things in sustainability
  • New ways and ideas to raise awareness, knowledge and engagement
  • Transition project and activity ideas

Projekt manager – sustainability project run by Leader Astrid Lindgrens Hembygd.

  • Professional and personal interests
  • ‘Leader Learns’ project: to cooperate with other Leader areas around best practices and failures in working in sustainability
  • Methods for engaging so many people
  • Involved in ‘Transition Falum’ in Sweden
  • Ways to integrate new thinking into family farm (Dad doesn’t get it!)
  • Chairman of NGO ‘Conscious Consumption’

Programme manager – Leader Astrid Lindgrens Hembygd

(the Chief!)

  • To understand what Transition is doing
  • To get some inspiration for their new strategy for next year’s application (for EU Leader funding)

LAG-member and board-member Leader Astrid Lindgrens Hembygd, entrepreneur, having a small eco-center/eco-village, forest and sheep-farmer.

  • Personal and preofessional interests
  • Ideas for developing the next LEADER plan, to have more impact
  • Ways to include Transition thinking into future plans for own organic farm, café and tourist centre, opening up more to community and incorporate permaculture
  • Ways to set up a Health Garden

LAG-member Leader Astrid Lindgrens Hembygd, entrepreneur.

  • Food production systems
  • Healthy living

Chairman of Planning board, Oskarshamn municipality (social democrat)

  • Seeing small scale environmental projects in practice and not just the theory
  • Ideas of how to start projects, generate people energy

Head of Environmental strategy Oskarshamn municipality

  • Ideas for her brief to reorganize environmental strategy

Development manager Eksjö municipality

  • How to build robust and stavle structures
  • To understand better ‘resilience’
  • Democratic processes

Development manager Hultsfred municipality

  • Building affordable homes for new citizens



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