Planning a conference, camp or seminar? We’re ready to hit the road.

We love to help others deliver really special gatherings – be they conferences, camps, convergences or seminars.  Our methodologies are very simple but highly effective.  They can be scaled up for between 10-510+ delegates and are appropriate to all sorts of locations.

Face to face contact in the Facebook world!  That’s what we do really well.  People find this totally refreshing, invigorating, empowering and fun.

People love meeting people and talking about things that are really important to them. And they love problem solving.   We help them do that in fun and meaningful ways.

climate camp workshop

We’ll make sure your delegates get to know each other really quickly and be in the right frame of mind to explore big, challenging issues in fun and creative ways.  You will quickly have a strong community among your delegates.

We’ll help facilitate a process by which delegates collectively turn problems into solutions, generating a wealth of ideas and perspectives, and ending on a high with a collective vision and some very real practical actions to work towards.

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