What we do

We challenge, connect, inform and inspire people through a mixture of activities so they positively engage with their future in a changing world.    We apply this in a number of ways for effective study and personal development.

Our study visits connect you with inspiring people, projects, places and your own potential.  These are carefully facilitated as experiences of personal, transformational learning.  Wherever possible we get out there to connect with nature and work on practical tasks that build teams, develop new skills and embed learning.  

Our approach is fun, adventurous and with a deep sense of purpose. 

Nearly all our programmes are bespoke.   They are shaped to suit your group’s needs, time and budget, and can range from a single-day activity or workshop, to a week-long residential.   

There are 3 key ingredients to all this:

1. Transition Tours.  We always keep it real and practical.  And we understand that people are inspired by other people.  On our programmes you’ll visit real, practical projects and businesses, and meet inspiring, positive people, who are innovating, leading and being the change.  This includes official tours of Transition Town Totnes, the world’s first Transition Town. You’ll be fired up by the energy of ordinary people like you giving it  ago in a world where words are not enough.

2.  Leadership for Resiliency.  A powerful personal development experience that embraces the future with optimism, creativity and excitement is at the heart of what we do.   We nurture an understanding of resilience and the leadership to deliver it.  We help people develop the skills and awareness to be positive, responsive, conscious, caring, empowered, active, forward looking and successful in a changing world.

3. Source to Sea exploration.  Through place-based learning and adventure, the living landscape around our very special River Dart comes alive.  By experiencing our river, we discover our roots, our heritage, our geography, our ecology, our economy… and we better understand our world.   We explore how the changing geology, ecology and geography of the watershed has informed how our communities, economies and cultures have evolved over time, and what clues they hold for our potentially sustainable future.  As we rediscover all this we find real meaning to what it means to be ‘local’.

Exciting, dynamic and grounded in the real world, this is what real learning is all about.  

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