Transition and Solidarity

Inez and EmilioJay and Inez recently went on holiday to Spain and Portugal.  Surely it was a time of hard graft and dedicated workshop delivery?  Judge for yourselves in their write-up as posted in Jay’s slot as TN social reporter.




It all began with Emilio. He’s a Transition film maker from Andalucia, living in Totnes, and ever since we met, it seems, the conversation has inevitably turned to building bridges between these two cultures – Transition cultures and, ojala, cultures in transition. After many, many such conversations – over coffees, over beers and breakfasts, long walks to Sharpham, patatas bravas in our kitchen – a vision began to take shape and take hold of our imaginations.

While these conversations were developing, we were beginning our collaboration on a workshop based on the work of Manfred Max-Neef‘s Human Scale Development (HSD). We met working with Hal Gillmore and Big Green Canoe, helping to facilitate study tours of university groups and government policymakers who come to Totnes looking for insights into Transition, deep ecology and resilience. With Inez delivering pieces on human needs and gift economy, Jay would walk through the relocalisation arguments and exemplar community-led projects. It soon became clear that there is loads of potential in applying the HSD theoretical framework to the practical work activists could, and should, be pursuing in their communities to rebalance local economies away from global corporate dominance toward local independence, self-reliance, and resilience….”  To read the full article click here (takes you to TN website) 


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